Friday, September 14, 2012

Love Languages

I've recognized my boys need love in different ways. I'm not talking about the famous book The Five Love Languages. But just how my boys like to be shown affection and love from me.

He is not someone who will seek out affection or ask for a hug. When he is needing it he starts bugging me and picking a fight or jokes around. When he does that I grab him and squeeze him and kiss him all over and don't let go for a little while. I give him a weekly dose while I can. He acts like he hates it, but I know he needs it.

My cuddly Cole. He is not afraid to show affection. He will still hold my hand or sit and cuddle with me. He has to make sure to say 'I love you' and give a hug and kiss before bed. He is never in short supply.

He is my rough and tumble boy and likes everything that way. He doesn't give love often and easily. It depends on the mood he's in. If you want a hug you need to be ready for a wrestling match or brace yourself for him to launch himself onto you. He's embarrassed to kiss me already because I'm a girl!

JJ is another snuggle bug. Loves to be held and carried around still. He doesn't love kisses as much as hugs. I love taking naps with him and getting lots of cuddles.

So strange how they can all be so different. No matter how they like it, they still all need it.
Have you recognized how your kids love?

Have a great weekend!

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