Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daily Ritual

I have a few rituals that I do everyday besides the obvious- eating, brushing my teeth, etc.

My daily rituals have increased since the start of school.
But one has been a constant since the beginning of summer. JJ makes sure of it. And it has helped me get some exercise every day.

Jumping on the trampoline.

Sometimes I have to take breaks and lay down. But he doesn't let me rest for long.
It's a special thing between him and me. When I was gone a couple times this month I talked to him on the phone. All he wanted to know was if I would jump on the trampoline with him when I got home.

Sometimes the other boys join in.

But that usually ends in a fight of some kind.

I love that this simple thing means so much to him. And it's fun!

Word of caution for us old folks- make sure you empty your bladder before jumping!

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  1. Ha Ha!!!! I know...Sneezing, jumping, sudden, loud laughing can all be hazardous to dry undies :)