Thursday, September 6, 2012

Closet of a Thriftaholic

I had abstained for a little while, but I couldn't pass up Salvation Army's Labor Day sale. 5 items of clothing for $5 and half off shoes and accessories.
Instead of showing just the items, I put them into outfits. Some of the outfits are head to toe thrifted.

Jean shirt- thrifted
Skirt and shoes- Labor Day sale

Entire outfit thrifted
Shirt- L.D. Sale

Entire outfit thrifted
Shoes- garage sale

Shirt- L.D. Sale

Jean jacket-thrifted
Gold tank top- L.D. Sale

Entire outfit thrifted
Amazing find- white (with no stains) Ralph Lauren sweatshirt- L.D. Sale

Shoes- thrifted
Sweater- (H&M) L.D. Sale

Phew- that was a lot of changing of clothes. I can't wait to be blogging from our new house where we'll have a little more space and hopefully better lighting.
Did anyone else go to the Labor Day sale at Salvation Army?
I also got 10 items for E. He came along and dug through the clothes and found things he liked. So proud!

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  1. It was so fun to see the items in outfits! My fav outfits are the green, ruffly top/white shorts and the striped jumper (sweater) with the scarf - so cute! :) I wish I could think of mixing patterns like that and have it look so good.
    And yay for better lighting and new digs!