Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer is…..

Summer is in full swing.

The first part of the summer has been crazy busy.

I’m looking forward to things slowing down after this weekend. I’d like to put things into slow motion from here on out.

Even though I am so very anxious to get into our new house, I don’t want to wish this summer away.

Speaking of- We just signed the purchase agreement for our new house. I think we have the kinks worked out. And construction on the renter’s house is scheduled to start soon. Slowly but surely.

For us…

Summer is…..

lots of baseball and softball


growing beautiful hydrangeas and tasty vegetables (I get to admire my precious babies next door from afar)


pool and beach time

june202011 372IMG_1003

garage sale-ing


Michigan’s Adventure


4th of July fun


camping in Pentwater


working on projects


Tigers game

Family 410

fruit picking

Family 079june202011 395

visiting my dad’s


Summer is….awesome.

Hope you are having/will have a great one too!

Happy Weekend :)

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