Monday, July 2, 2012

New Equipment & News

I had to photograph a wedding this weekend.

The problem: My extra photography equipment was packed in our maxed-out storage unit.

The solution: Try to find it during a busy week and 90+ degree weather.

Here is what that looks like-



Yes, that is my husband climbing on stacked things and almost hitting his head on 14 foot ceilings.

No such luck.

Solution #2: Buy new equipment.

I actually found a great deal at Best Buy right before the wedding. It was a Nikon D90 (which was just discontinued) for half the price.

Here is a snapshot from the wedding-


It was a long, tiring weekend but so much fun.

The best part- A photographer friend wants to buy the new camera I bought. Perfect! Since I still have an extra camera in the storage unit somewhere and don’t need this one.

The worst part- Trying to get into the storage unit was a major pain. So much so that I bought new equipment instead of digging through all our belongings to find my other stuff.

But we found out some bad news on Friday. We will need to dig into storage to get our winter clothes and coats out eventually.

My realtor stopped by to pick up the signed purchase agreement for our new house. He informed me that the renter’s house is even further behind schedule than before. They won’t break ground for another four weeks.

That means we may still be living with my in-laws for Christmas. This isn’t devastating, but definitely disappointing.

How did your weekend go?

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