Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Salvation Army Finds

I went in looking for some black capris. Something nice I could were as a wedding photographer. I knew it would be hot- so no pants. Well, I did find some black capris. But I found a couple of other good things too.

I’ve told you about my addiction to cute, small chairs here.

I also have a problem with denim jackets. I have two that I really like already. But I found this one that I LOVE. It’s Gap.



I also found this pretty dress/tunic. It’s a little short for a dress. So I’d probably wear black cropped leggings with it. It is BCBG.


I may not have many more to show you in the future. We are starting a budget this month. I’ve been reading Debt-Proof Living by Mary Hunt. Her information is really similar to Dave Ramsey. We are going to be implementing some of her strategies. That means less money to spend on my impulse purchases. But we’ll see.

Have you guys found any great second-hand store deals lately? Tell me about them.


  1. Good finds! I just showed my dad that picture of you in the dress and he said "cute. She'd be cute in anything, though." I agree.