Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

Yesterday we traveled to Shipshewana, Indiana and went to the flea market there. We were a little off our rockers.

It was HOT.

I'm talking about just walking around with what feels like a heater blowing in your face and sweat dripping down every surface of your body. It was that hot.

But we had fun and took lots of breaks in the shade or air conditioned car.

Three main things I always look for at Shipsy-

Hydrangea Plants


Nail Polish

I didn’t need hydrangeas this trip because…..I don’t have a house to plant them at and won’t for awhile. But they had some beautiful Annabelles and for only $18.95 each. (They were huge)

I didn’t need sunglasses because I still have one good pair. They recently had to get super-glued, but still my best pair. I have another pair that hurt my head and a pair that are too loose. Those are my emergency back-ups. You can find great sunglasses at Shipsy for $5.

I did, however, get some nail polish. I had been wanting some fun colors when I would see them in the store. So glad I waited. They have normal sized bottles for $1. Tons of color choices. So I picked up these colors-


Yellow- because it’s fun and my oldest son told me to get it.

Red, White, & Blue- Oh yeah, you guessed it.


I thought I would show some patriotism!

Everyone have an awesome and safe 4th of July!!!!


  1. Cute nails!
    And I should have had you get a hydrangea for me - I have been wanting to plant another here. :(

  2. Oh man. They are huge and such a great price. Definitely where I will be getting mine next summer!