Friday, July 13, 2012

Four Friday Updates

1. We are headed to Galesburg for our last baseball tournament of the season. Not really how I wanted to spend my weekend, but oh well. On the upside- I get to visit with my baseball friends one more time.


2. We will be meeting with our mortgage guy next week. Hopefully the whole process of closing on our house will speedily go by in no time and we will be the proud owners (not actually inhabiting) of a lovely home.


3. I am having some cravings. For instance- I would love to eat some Doritos, a little beef jerky, any kind of cookies, bread, bread, and more bread. Oh yeah, I’d also love a latte. But instead I am drinking a liver detox tea. It is actually really good, even without sweetener. But I’d rather be gorging on giant blueberry muffins.


4. I pulled a muscle in my back by hanging on the monkey bars at a park with my three year old yesterday. Pretty pathetic. In my own defense- I was attempting to swing to the next bar. That was hard enough to do when I weighed half as much as I do now. Lesson learned.


(unrelated, random picture from Kollen Park)

Have a grrrrrrrrreat weekend everyone!

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