Thursday, July 19, 2012

Estate & Garage Sale

As I talked about here, I was in Grand Rapids last week. What initially brought us there was an estate sale in the Alger Heights area.

It was not very big, but it was the last day so everything was half off. I didn’t take pictures (I get a little excited and forget) but there was some good things that I almost got but decided against. Here is what I did get-


A nice (in new condition) backpack. Could you imagine such luck (for my children), a binder of Pokémon cards? And a Pyrex measuring glass pitcher. All for $3.50. What a steal, right?

We happened to pass a garage sale sign on the way to the estate sale. So we had to check it out, of course!

They had a lot of cute stuff! It was a hip, young couple and their friends. Two things I bought right away- $5 total

a set of 3 nice frames (2 4x6, 1 5x7)


and a game I have looked at many times in the store and wanted to get but never have.


But I really had my eye on a pair of tables that were marked at $10.

I set my bag down to check them out and started to shop some more. My sis-in-law pointed out a box of shoes and clothes that would fit my boys. I found a few things and then went back to the tables.

It helped that I found quite a few pair of shoes and a Michigan t-shirt (not pictured) because she decided to give me a deal on the tables.


She gave it all to me for $15! (The shoes were marked anywhere from $1 to $3)


They are a little scratched up, but that’s okay. I plan to paint them. I’m thinking they would be good beside our bed (eventually). But I’m not 100 percent sure yet. They are small and easy to store for now. I want to wait on the painting because I’m not sure what color I would want in our future room.

One negative from our trip- I was so excited about the tables that I forgot about the bag containing my first purchase. The frames and game got left behind. I didn’t discover this until after the weekend.

Pretty furniture kind of clouds my mind and I lose track of everything else. Bummer!

They probably resold them when they realized I wasn’t coming back.

Oh well. What do you think? Good deals? (besides part of it being left behind)

Any of you left behind purchases before?

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