Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No Oven Meals

We were without an oven for a little while.

It was my fault. To be fair, the oven was slowly dying. But I finished it off. (on accident)

So I started googling ideas of food to make without an oven.

This is really good information for those doing a kitchen renovation, working with just a stovetop, or those that want to keep a cool kitchen during hot summer months.

Here are some things I found-

You can do a lot with a microwave, electric skillet, grill, or crock pot.

You can grill a lot of things: chicken, steaks, hamburgers. Even pizza. You can also do a lot of side dishes: potatoes, corn, asparagus, kabobs, and lots of others.


There are a lot of Breakfast for Dinner options too: eggs, French toast, pancakes, along with bacon and sausage. One of my favorite things to do is to make omelets in a plastic bag. Get a pot of water boiling, add two eggs and some milk into a plastic zip-loc bag (along with whatever else you like: peppers, onions, cheese, ham). Zip it tight and drop it into the water. Make sure you get all the air out. You’ll end up with the perfect omelets.

I also found this site with lots of skillet meal ideas. There is a lot of good links from that page to other good posts. Check it out.

For those with a crock pot, here is a great site for you. I love it when you can start dinner in the morning and forget about it until it’s time to eat.

And there is always the usual- grilled cheese, tacos, hoagie rolls, sloppy joes, quesadillas, burritos, spaghetti and other pastas, soups, and salads.

What are some of your ideas to keep the kitchen cool this summer?


  1. Ice cream for dinner? :p just kidding (sort of)! I'm a big fan of my crockpot. I just need one that has a timer to turn it on since I'm gone for over 10 hours usually. (think they make those?!)

  2. I think they do make those. Good idea- ice cream!