Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eight Great Updates

1. We have been pre-approved for our loan! I’m not sure what is next- but I’m pumped!

2. We have Gus Macker tournament and Baseball tournament going on this weekend- busy, busy!
3. Sadly there was a fire in the downtown strip of my hometown- Shelby. Not so great. Devastating, in fact.
4. I haven’t brought this up on my blog before- but my husband’s boss was diagnosed with brain tumors a couple months back. It didn’t look good and it’s been a long, tough road up to this point. But God is so good. The tumors are gone!
5. I have to photograph a wedding in almost two weeks- BY MYSELF! Plus I have to dig my photography stuff out of our storage unit because I wasn’t smart enough to think ahead.
6. I have discovered that most of my health problems stem from being dehydrated- headaches, constipation, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, etc. “Drink more water” is my new mantra.
7. I bought vegetable plants at the farmer’s market today. Detailed post coming soon along with pictures.
8. There is an estate sale in Muskegon starting today and running until Saturday. Here is a link to the site with the info- Muskegon Estate Sale. It looks like it has some good items!
Let me know if anyone goes to check it out!
I’m not sure if I’ll get there or not, but I really want to.
Thanks for looking.

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