Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pinterest Project- Bottle Breaking

I got this idea from Pinterest this past week.

I thought it looked like a fun and easy thing to try.

Boy was I wrong.

Here are the materials-


And, no, we aren’t big wine drinkers. But we are big latte drinkers!


Anyhow, so you take your clean bottle and wrap your string around the bottle five or six times. Tie the ends and cut off the extra.


Then you slip the string off the bottle and soak it in Acetone fingernail polish remover for 10 seconds.

Slip it back onto the bottle where you want your cut to be.


Make sure you have a bucket or sink full of ice cold water ready to go.


Take a match or lighter and light the acetone soaked string.


Keep twisting the bottle as the flame burns to keep the heat evenly distributed.

Eventually the flame will dissipate and then plunge the bottle into the icy water.

The bottom will easily release from the top leaving you with a perfectly cut glass bottle.

Here is where I would show you the after.

Only I cannot.

It was a total and complete flop. I tried it four times. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong. Maybe my string wasn’t thick enough. Maybe my bottle was too thick.

Either way, I was DISAPPOINTED to say the least.

This lady makes it look disgustingly easy-

Sorry to leave you so unsatisfied.

So, to try to make up for it. I made a bracelet out of the ridiculous string I used for this project.

I will share it with you-



Not quite the same, I know.

I almost didn’t blog this project but I thought I should share the failures as well as the good stuff. Just keepin’ it real.

If you try it and it works- Take a short walk off a…

Just kidding. Let me know if you try it and what you did or if you have any advice. I’d love to pinpoint my problem!

Thanks for looking!

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