Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Make Some Bubbles

Making bubbles

This is a project my mom-in-law did a while back. We have enjoyed her bubble maker for some time now. I’m not even sure where she got her instructions to make it. But I found a similar one here.

The materials you need are:


Wooden dowel (about 48 inches)

Screw in eye hooks (2)


A washer


One option (and this is what they did in the link I gave you above) is to have two 48 inch dowels. But I think this makes for very long handles and it is harder for little ones to operate.

So I cut a 48 inch dowel in half.


Then you screw the eye hooks into the end of the two dowels. She did them along the side, but you could also do them into the ends.


They are sharp on the end, so it is possible to just push and start twisting them in. But you could also use a small drill bit to start a hole for it.

Cut two strands of string. One about 90 inches in length and one about 30 inches in length. Tie the washer in the middle of the longer length of string. Then tie one end of the string to the eye hook and tie the other end to the other eye hook.

Now tie the shorter length to the eye hooks in the same way. You should have two ends tied to each eye hook. It will create an upside down triangle of sorts.


Then you submerge the whole thing into your bubbles.

There are a lot of ideas out there on how to get the best bubbles. Google it and try what you think is best. I just use Dawn liquid dish soap and water. Pinterest has some great bubble recipes too.


Have fun with it! The wider you spread the dowels- the potentially bigger the bubbles. The boys love trying to get under the BIG bubbles and blow them up higher into the air.

Let me know if you try it out and how it goes!

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