Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Year Ago & News

We are taking our first steps to purchasing our house today! I’m making a call to start the loan process. It’s not happening tomorrow….but we are one step closer. Yay!

The house being built next door is really coming along. I will sneak a picture someday this week and post it soon.

Here is what we were doing a year ago today-








I can’t believe how much my boys change in a year!

We may have to do extreme haircuts like these very soon. I can’t wait to hear the protests.

The idea of a slip-n-slide seems a little premature to me today, but maybe we will have to break it out this weekend. Ninety degrees on Sunday, I hear.

First day of vacation and boy does it feel wonderful! (except for the fact we all have dentist appointments today :( )

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