Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Mini Garden

We went to the farmer’s market last week.

The boys wanted some vegetable plants and I couldn’t say no.

We are living with my in-laws and they don’t have much room in their backyard.

This was my garden last year.


A nice big space but kind of overcrowded.

My mom-in-law let me have a little space behind the pool fence that gets a lot of sun.

So I grabbed a few pieces of wood that weren’t being used, a hoe, and a tiller.


I went to work with the hoe and got rid of the grass and weeds.


Then I used the tiller to loosen up the dirt.

The boards were almost the perfect size except for one. I used a circular saw and cut it down to size. I got some nails and made a box. I don’t expect it to hold very well, but didn’t want to take the time to find some screws and a drill.

The boys got to help with the planting process.


This isn’t a raised bed or anything. I just figured the boards would help keep the plants from getting trampled or mowed over.

I laid down newspaper to help prevent weeds from growing and also to show the boys when water is needed. If the paper is dry, get out the hose.


We planted a cherry tomato, cucumber, pickle cucumber, and zucchini.

Hopefully we will see some fruits of our labor soon!

Do you guys keep a garden? What are you growing?


  1. Very impressed that you got rid of all that grass! I have two tomato and two pepper plants. I already have a mini green pepper and lots of tiny tomatoes I can't wait to eat! ;)

  2. Boy, was I sweating. It was harder than I thought. I really wanted a pepper plant but none of the boys wanted one. oh well. Yum!