Friday, June 15, 2012

Perry Street House

We are closer to getting our house, but it still seems so far away. We may have run into a snag. The guy we’ve been working with said it might not be possible to put the house and the extra lot into one loan. Uh oh. Now what?!

I don’t know if you know- but I’m kind of a house stalker.

Yesterday, I was with three of my four boys and drove by our soon-to-be house. We decided to park at the cemetery around the curve from the house and have a look around


I decided we would walk through the back of the property and along the house, next to our soon-to-be-house, that is being built currently. Here are some shots of that like I promised.




And here are some shots of the I-really-want-it-right-now-house next door.




It speaks to me. Actually, more like calls out to me. It wants me to make it pretty. It says it can’t breathe with all those vehicles parked everywhere. It can’t see with so many shrubs and trees. (pine trees=yucky). It wants to be cleaned up and polished.

It just wants to be loved. I want to give it some love, right now. (Sorry, I’m a bit dramatic)

It’s so hard waiting. They still haven’t started building the renters’ house. We’ll be lucky if we are in by November.

Oh, the agony.

By the way- My son’s baseball tournament got cancelled for this weekend. Hallelujah! I get to enjoy the weekend at my dad’s house. This cuts down on my estimated driving time for this weekend considerably. I get to go watch my husband battle his way to a Gus Macker championship by the beach in Ludington!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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