Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mud Room Start

I have started the process of our mud room renovation. Things are happening.

Here is the ugly beginning-

These are older photos. I took some newer ones but couldn't find them for some reason. Hence the snow boots.

First I removed the light switch plates and outlet covers. Then I filled any holes on the walls and trim with spackling. I have yet to sand those areas. I was being impatient (as usual) and just started priming some of the trim and doors that didn't need to be sanded.

I removed the door to the laundry room because it made the laundry room an even smaller space than it already is. And it's impossible to get to the storage that was always hiding behind it.
(Lovely cabinet hardware, right?)

So I filled in the holes left by the hinges with spackling.

I'm hoping to do double sliding doors instead. There is a toilet in there so we need something.
Kind of similar to these-

I also had to fill very deep scratches with spackling that were made by a very naughty dog that we no longer have.

The priming looks horrible because it is only one coat. The trim needs more but I will leave the doors since they will be painted black eventually and just needed primer to cover the glossy surface.

You will notice that I did not touch the trim around the floor because we will be removing that to put new flooring down.

More on that in a minute.

I also did not prime the door to outside or the door to the garage. I didn't want to waste paint. We will be replacing those doors hopefully some time soon. They are interior doors and do not keep the cold out at all.

I'm hoping to get the walls and trim down right away so I can put up hooks for coats. Last year they just got piled on the bench when everyone would come in the house. Made me cuh-razy.

If you remember I did a whole post on my entry room back here.

Things have changed somewhat. We are working with absolutely no budget. Everything I've used so far we have on hand. Sooooo, we will be switching from tile flooring to the same wood flooring that is throughout the house.

Number 1- because we have all the supplies already.

Number 2- because we wouldn't have to buy anything.

Number 3- because it is cheapest.
You get the picture.

I am a little disappointed, but I know I will still be happy.

The ugly bench still has to be removed along with all the baseboards.

The windows are tricky because you have to remove the inner layer of glass to get to the inner sashes and wood slats that go across the windows.

It is amazing how much brighter it is in there with just a little bit of primer. And it makes the wall color look even more disgusting.

We have a long way to go but it's a start.

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