Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Soccer Players

I love watching soccer.

I wish they would have had soccer at my school when I attended. Waaaaay back then.

I loved kicking volleyballs. Whenever the coach wasn't paying attention I would haul off and boot a volleyball in our gym at practice. I loved the feeling of it.

My oldest is playing 7th grade soccer. It is so much fun to watch as it gets more and more competitive. I have a hard time keeping my mouth quiet and my feet still. I'm always catching myself trying to kick my foot while watching, as if it would help them.

His season is going okay but not great. Here are some pictures from a recent game.

The younger boys are fun to watch too. But it's a little less action-packed.
Here are some pictures from a recent game.

 blurry, sorry.

And my youngest with his grumpy face.

I can't believe both seasons are almost over. The weather has been fantastic for all the games so far.

I love soccer.
I love my boys more.

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