Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Costume Ideas

It is kind of last minute but I am not sure what to be for Halloween.

The boys are recycling costumes from previous years. All except for Ethan, that is.

Last year he was a zombie grandma. This year he will be a clown. I am actually slightly afraid of clowns. Not a fan at all. I think I saw Stephen King's It when I was young and it scarred me for life.

We borrowed a wig and clown shirt from my brother. The rest we haven't gotten nailed down yet. I get to have fun with his makeup but we haven't decided on the look yet. Here are some that he has in mind to take inspiration from.

I know those are meant to look scary. But Bozo isn't much better.
Yep. Still scary.

I am debating between a few things.

One idea is to be a doe. I really liked the makeup on this girl.

But I think it's a little more simple than I like to do.

Then there is the idea to be a fox....even if it is a little trendy.

And my last idea is to be a glam 50's girl.

But it is a little boring. So maybe I'd have to add a little of this. But not quite so much.

And I'm talking about the makeup. Not the clothes at all.

I need to decide on something quick. Is it weird that I put this much thought into it? I can't help it. I love dressing up. I have almost every year in one way or another. It's so much fun!

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