Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birthday Wishes

It's our baby's birthday today. Our youngest child is five.

That is a lot to wrap my mind around. I feel like I was just in the middle of that whole 'spitting out babies, dealing with diapers and spit-up and nursing pads' stage. Crazy.

Sometimes I want to go back there. Back to the baby stage. Just for one more. One more bundle of sweet smelling, pink-skinned, tight fisted loveliness. And then other times I'm grateful for the independence I have and the stage my boys are currently at. A newborn would affect the way I'm able to interact with them. But that newborn stage is so short-lived. I'm torn, can you tell? But it doesn't matter much since I've been told a big, fat "NO!".

Got a little off subject, sorry.

JJ is five today and soooo excited about it. He has been counting down the days. Oh, to be excited about a birthday. I remember those days.

He was bummed we weren't having a big party. I told him that isn't until the beginning of November. We combine his and my second oldest son's birthday and have all the family come to that party. Today was just our little family. (Though we did have a few visitors, Thanks guys!)

Here are some pictures from our day.

(He did not have Mt Dew with his cake, it is not his or even from today) (Did you notice the spit coming from his mouth while blowing? yuummmm, extra frosting)

I used my DSLR camera for these shots. I've been trying to practice with it more. The better you know your camera, the better photographer you can be. In those cake shots, I don't understand why the candles are mirrored in my image. Very strange.

 Jayce is a willing model when I'm trying to practice. I want to learn how to get those super crisp, stunning photos. So far I haven't figured it out.
Here are my test shots. (Please excuse the messy laundry chairs)

Some of the participants are more willing than others. Mostly I was playing around with all my settings in each of these photos while dealing with different lighting and also torturing my older children. None of the pictures are perfect and most aren't technically correct. But it was fun and great practice

Birthday Boy is always such a good helper.

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