Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coat Rack Teaser

I've been procrastinating today. Instead of cleaning my house for a birthday party, I've been building something.

I really want to show it to you tonight, but the pictures are ugly! Lighting is so, so important to get good photos. And it was pretty dark by the time I was done working on it.

I already installed the coat rack. I wasn't going to do that until the trim was completely painted. But I'm impatient. And I like order and organization and we were greatly needing that in our entry room. So I will paint around it.

My oldest says it's ugly. But I disagree.

The wall where it will go.

 In the process of building.
The hooks we chose. And yes, one of my boys etched their name in our desktop. Good thing its temporary.

The room is looking so much better. But I know it will be hideous until we can buy new doors and do the flooring.

Until then it will be organized.

This is from a few nights ago. Aren't October skies the absolute best?

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