Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rug Question

For those of you out there that have rugs in your house- Is this normal?

Do rugs normally pill up like this? 
I've always had mostly carpet so I'm not very familiar with the upkeep of rugs. 

This is how it looked after vacuuming. 

I seriously sat on the rug for an hour picking at all the fuzzies. I'm sure there was an easier way but nothing came to mind. I know they make tools to help you with your sweaters. Is there one for rugs? Will I always have to do this?

This is the size if my fuzz ball after completing one-third of the rug. 

It was ridiculous. 

It looks so much better now... But my back is killing me. 

What you could've seen in the picture above if I had aimed my phone up a little higher was my mountain of laundry. I actually meant to take a picture but was on such a roll I forgot. I had to put on my hiking boots to climb up it so I could start folding it. It was THAT bad. 

I also went through each of the boys' drawers and closets and did the official passing down of the hand-me-downs. It's been a while. E is 12 and had some 6-8 size stuff in his closet. Whoops. 

I vacuumed all of our hardwood floors. I got to suck up lots of spiders. That's always my favorite part. 

I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it back up. Ran it again. 

I finished the last load of laundry. (Which added to the mountain). 

I dusted a little. Took out the garbage. And did school with Noah. 

This is not typical behavior on my part. 

So when I get extra energy I hop on that train and ride it as far as I can go. Today it was pretty far. 

I'm exhausted. Time for bed. 

And if someone has a good tip for de-pilling a rug let me know. 

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