Friday, October 11, 2013

Carving Contest Help

I desperately need your help!

There is an amateur pumpkin carving contest at the Holland Farmer's Market tomorrow.

I have signed up for the contest.

I have made two pumpkins.

Which one should I enter?

The first one is my typical style. It is a well known person. I want to see if anyone can guess who it is.

The second one is something new I tried. I see lots of 3D pumpkins out there and really wanted to try it. You don't take out the middle stuff from the pumpkin like in a traditional carving.
It was definitely harder than it looks.

So here they are -

Here is the 3D one close up-

He's scary, I know.

And here is the other lit up with lights off-

Now here is the problem.

The judging is done by the public in the middle of the day! How can anyone see how this lights up with the bright sunshine. Should I bring a box to put it in?

That is why I did the other one because it is better to see in broad daylight.

I just don't know.

Which one do you think I should enter?

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