Monday, October 21, 2013

Estate Sale Miss

I get emails from a company that gives a listing of all the local estate sales. 

I haven't been perusing the pictures like I normally do. I don't really have the time or the money to actually buy anything. 

On Saturday, after watching a cold and rainy soccer game, I checked out the site. There was an amazing sale in Grandville. I was needing to head that way to a certain store sooner or later. So, why not?! My mom-in-law was up for it so we headed out. 

I wish I would have copied some of the pictures that were posted for the sale. There was loads and loads of stuff that I love. There was old furniture, doors windows, crates, bottles, lamps and so many miscellaneous things. They had it listed as a Shabby Chic and Pinterest Paradise. And it the photos. 

We've had a lot of rain in our area as of lately. This sale started on a Thursday and we went to it on Saturday. Most of the items were outside. There was a few tents set up but not nearly enough. 

It was a disaster and so very sad. I was glad I wore my rubber boots. Mud city! Everything was soaked and bug infested. I have a strong disdain for earwigs. 

I had a particular item in mind. I saw a beautiful curved wood bed frame in the photos online. I figured it would pry be gone but I had to check. 

It was there, but in pieces and soaking wet. Lots of items were wet that otherwise would have been awesome. 

I should of just got it and tried to make it work. But there was a chunk of wood missing that I couldn't find. 

And here is some other photos of the sale. 

It's just too bad. 
There was a lot gone so there must have been a few good things worth buying. I'm wondering if the owners had a previous antique business. 

Anyone else see it or go to any other sales? Do you think I should have bought the bed frame anyway?

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