Tuesday, October 8, 2013

K Be Gone

Saturday was project day for me. I was finally motivated to get some things done. I started organizing the garage. My hubby and I retrieved some more of our items from his parents' garage. More like one large item and some smaller ones. The large item being our lockers. They used to sit in the entry room of our old house.

That's them there.

They now reside in our garage by the entry door into our house. (I will do garage pictures soon)
They won't be used as much for coats and shoes like they used to be. Now they will hold baseball gloves and roller blades and things like that.

They fit perfectly in the spot where our spare fridge used to sit. The fridge I turned into Consumer's Energy for $50. Did I tell you that? We hardly ever used it and it was very old! Plus it gave us $50 and freed up more space in our garage. (And pry saved us money in electricity!)

I got distracted while organizing the garage because I saw our tall ladder. I remembered I still had to use it to take down the big, giant K on the front of our house. It represented the last name of the original owners, but to us meant nothing and needed to come down. If you've driven by our house, you may not have seen it. The tree branches hide it some. It's much more visible in the winter when the leaves have fallen.

It's barely visible in these pictures.

Do you remember the star I had on the front of my old house?

Well, I decided this star would be a suitable substitute until I figured something else out. I didn't really want the star to be blue, though. So I grabbed some black spray paint and give it a few light coats.

I carried it up the ladder before it was completely dry. I'm a little impatient like that. And yes, I took down the K and put up the star mostly by myself. Scott is a little uneasy with heights but he was also watching some important football game. I couldn't wait. When I want things done I can't abide by someone else's timeline. Sounds childish but it's how I work. I have to flow with the energy while I'm motivated because it could flee at the slightest interruption. Am I crazy or is anyone else like that?

Here is the finished product

Oh, and did you notice the tilting birdhouse?

I have tried and tried to get rid of that blasted thing. I dug down around the pole to get it out. No luck. I tried practically swinging from it to get it out. Nope. I just bent the metal pole. Not good for the self esteem. I WILL get it out. Someway. Somehow. Someday.

I sometimes wonder what people think when they drive by and see me doing bizarre things. Oh well.

The K is gone. The star is a measly stand-in for now. It really is too small for the space and I wasn't planning on putting the star up at all. I need to brainstorm to figure out how to make it look better.

Any ideas?

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