Friday, March 29, 2013

A Beautiful Walk, Sort of

We have a new park by our new house. The boys had been wanting to go for some time. I told them when the weather was nice enough we would go.

Today was a beautiful day. The boys ate breakfast and had already started to bicker. I decided it was the perfect time for that walk. And the perfect way to celebrate Good Friday- to revel in God's creation!

The park is probably nearly a mile away. Previously it was the Holland Country Club. It has been turned into a park with trails and bridges over streams and rivers.

It was really quite beautiful. It just felt good to be outside in the sunshine. The dogs were very happy to get out too.

Some of the paths are paved. But most are dirt. I think it is still under construction some because it was hard to tell where the path went at certain points along the way.

We actually went pretty far considering we walked to get there. The one down side was the mud. There was a lot of wet, muddy ground. It stuck to our shoes.

At one point we were crossing a wide, wood bridge that went over Macatawa River. We had just went thru a particularly muddy stretch. I was in the lead and started scraping my shoes along the wood boards to remove some of the mud.

I heard a big KER-PLUNK from the river below. I turned around to see my beloved Noah standing on one foot with a surprised look on his face. The foot he was holding up was shoe-less. Apparently he was trying to kick off the mud from his shoe and ended up kicking his shoe into the river.
Smack dab in the middle.

That's the bridge where it went in. This far from the bridge it was still towards the middle.

At first I thought there was no possible way to get it. But there was enough of a breeze to start pushing it towards one side of the river, slowly. I ran down the edge of the bank and found a long stick(small tree). I kept following along until my stick would reach the still floating shoe. It was very wet but much better than walking home with one shoe.

We were tuckered out (and dirty) when we got back. But it was a very nice walk.

I may not be posting much, if at all, next week. I haven't done this before but it will be nice to take some time off and focus on family. Everyone have a great spring break and have safe travels wherever you may be going.

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