Monday, March 11, 2013

I've Got No Mail

I ordered some things from Amazon about a week ago.

But, unfortunately for me, I didn't pay attention to the shipping address when I completed that purchase.

It was selected to go to my old house. I contacted the current owner to let her know she would get some unexpected packages. But I have discovered the package was not delivered at all stating 'Incorrect Address' in the tracking status.

Bummer. I would have both packages today if it wasn't for my stupidity. I have since gone into my amazon account and deleted all the old addresses. However, this does not help me get my purchases any faster.

I went to my local post office with no success. They are stuck in limbo somewhere and will likely be returned to the shipper.

My first package is a bottle of raspberry ketones. Heard of them? Dr. Oz started quite the craze when he featured these on his show. A friend of mine pointed this out to me.
Take a look-

I had an Amazon gift card that I had earned by completing a survey. So I bought some.

And I also bought a book I have been wanting to own for a while. I've read it before and have had it on hold at the library for some time. I guess it is popular.
Let the health kick begin!

Happy Monday!

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