Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Window Thrift Shopping

Yes. I am so house poor right now that I have to window shop at thrift stores.

Here are some things that caught my attention-

This is an Andrew Wyeth print. My mom-in-law loves his paintings and turned me on to him.

This is a beautiful mid-century modern dresser that I really, really wanted. It doesn't fit my style but I love the clean lines. It was in great shape but didn't have a price tag and I wasn't patient enough to find out.

I'm on the lookout for good lamps. This one caught my eye. I think it is a newer lamp. The price tag said that whoever marked it thought so too. It was $25. Boo.

I have a Kirby vacuum and absolutely love it. I paid a lot more than this one which was $125.
It had all the attachments and said it worked. It all looks the same as mine but a little older and different colors. I was tempted to buy it just to resell online but I doubt it would go for much more.

I'm starting to get that itch. Second hand stores are calling my name once again. I've been getting quite a few notices of estate sales coming up. Spring is slowly approaching! I can't wait!

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