Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Things

I am taking note of all the good things that went on today. It helps to remind me of how good God is each and every day.

1. I got a big delivery from Fed Ex- my cabinets!! Now to find the time to put them together and install them.

2. I got a lot of much needed errands done today.

3. I'm training for a 5k and missed a day last week- understandably. I got my first run for this week done today!

4. For those that saw my post yesterday you know my seven year old had a very loose tooth. It fell out during the night and thankfully it stayed near his lips until morning. He could have choked!

5. The banana bread I made yesterday is delicious. It's very moist and I just can't stop eating it. I got it from allrecipes.com and it is sour cream banana bread. Look it up and try it!

6. I got to visit a friend that just had a baby girl. She was incredibly cute and very alert. Such a lovely little family.

7. As a family we went to Cityside 6th grade band's Spring Concert. My oldest plays the clarinet. Beautiful music.

8. I got to hear updates from my family on how my dad-in-law, Lanny, was doing all day today. This has brought me the most joy and reminded me how good and faithful our God is.
They got a hug (with one arm) from him. They got lots of hand squeezes. They got to see him eat better and better. They got to pray with him and cry with him. They got to communicate with him and laugh with him. They got to see him smile. They got to be present when he got his first non-family visitors. They got to see him move out of his bed and into a chair (with help).
These are many, many good things. And I know there are still lots to come!

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