Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Man

This man is a great husband, dad and grandpa.

This man began his career teaching at Christian schools.

This man taught at an inner city school for several years. Devoted himself to his job. And then was let go and forced into early retirement because of mishandling of the school.

This man loves to laugh and be goofy just to make others laugh.

This man can sometimes be the biggest pain in my rear end because he loves to tease and try to get me (along with everyone) going.

This man can be counted on to take your call for help in the middle of the night or drop what he is doing to give you a ride or help you out of a jam.

This man let my family of six inhabit his home for nearly 10 months- no questions asked- no complaints.

This man loves God and loves to serve.

This man has coached well over 30 teams of different sports at different schools at different age levels and genders and loves doing every bit of it.

This man has had health struggles since forced to change his medications due to a change in insurance coverage.

This man had a stroke and because of the stroke he now has a clot on his brain.

But he is tough. And determined. And stubborn. And he is fighting his way back.

We love him and hope you will join us in praying for every inch of recovery we can get.

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  1. Excellent post!!! How honoring to Lanny! I don't think i have ver heard him complain about what comes his way. We are thankful for ALL of you DeWitt's!!!! Love you all and prayers for you!!