Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You Snooze, You Lose

I know this concept. But it has become all too real today. I tell others that if they find something they love while thrifting- buy it! I guess I need to listen to my own advice.

Remember when I posted about window thrift shopping last week. There was a table (that I forgot to snap a picture of at the time) that I didn't even include in my post. I kind of fell in love with it, slowly. I have thought of it every day since then. It is nothing spectacular. But it has a butcher block top to it and is the perfect size for an island in our kitchen.

This is our current island.

This was an addition to our kitchen the day of our birthday party. It really came in handy and we were so thankful to Brian and Kristen for letting us borrow it!
It gave us some much needed counter top space. They said we could keep it until our kitchen was completed or until they needed it.

This table would have been just the answer we were looking for...
I say WOULD have been.....

This would have been great just as it is for a while. I probably would have sanded the top and applied some sort of food safe oil finish.
Down the road I could have designed a base that suits our needs and just topped it with this table top.

But alas....I can't.

I went in today to purchase it and it sold. It sold today. In the early afternoon it SOLD!

Fifty dollars. You can't get a butcher block top for fifty dollars.

I'm bummed. So very bummed.

But then I got good news in the form of an email.

My Barker Cabinets are finished and have shipped! Yay!
I'm not sure how long they will take to get here.
It was a much needed positive to my day though.

Has this ever happened to you? You delayed on an item and then lost it?

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