Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break Fun

Happy Monday! Welcome back to those that were able to travel afar for spring break.

We had a great time just staying at home. We didn't tackle that to-do list quite like I wanted to, but we had fun. And relaxed a lot.

The guys played some football.

We finally put together a Christmas present and used it for the first time.

We visited my dad-in-law who moved closer to home and is doing awesome and progressing daily. The boys found a box of latex gloves to keep them entertained.

Of course!

We made a trip to the library and I picked up some good reads. I have read a little of each of these.

I've got a theme going except for the running book. I'm working on some major changes around here. I will talk about it soon.

We also did a little work on our kitchen. I will share that soon!

It's so nice to be back after a little break. I feel rejuvenated :)

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  1. It is one of my favourite things to see the pile of books someone is reading. ;)