Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Have you seen the show on TLC- Extreme Couponing?

Pretty crazy stuff.

I do want to do some couponing but nothing as extreme as the people on that show. I don't want it to become a part-time job and have a stock-pile that fills my garage and basement.

In my opinion, a lot of the available coupons are for things I had no intention of buying nor want to buy. (unhealthy). I want coupons for things that I actually use and things that are good for my family.

So I just signed up with a blog called CouponMom.com. It was free and relatively easy. They even offer a short video to watch after signing up that shows how to get the most from their site. You can select your state and then see the stores they have information for. It shows you the sale price and then what you can get the item for with a coupon. They even tell you where the coupon is from. (watch the video to understand best)

I won't become some nutcase about it, but will definitely check out the sites to get the most bang for my buck if possible.

What about you guys? Are you already doing coupons? Or new to it like me? What are your favorite resources?


  1. Try watching the blog savingaddiction.com they will help you out and they have healthy recipes on there every once in a while.

  2. Check out savingaddiction.com

    Local, west-Michigan deals:-)