Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Half Of A Kitchen

Finally! Some kitchen cabinets.

One productive thing I did accomplish during spring break was putting together my Barker cabinets that came in the mail. It went relatively quick and was pretty easy.

This is how they were packaged in the box.

Each piece was labeled and pre-drilled for easy assembly. All of the screws and cabinet hardware were included as well.
I put the corner cabinet together first. So pretty!

Next I did the cook top cabinet.
It is sticking out a little further than the corner cabinet because the electrical wires are in the way right now. I need to drill holes in the bottom of the cabinet.

I went to get my cook top from where it was being stored. Fits perfectly!

Obviously it would be a lot better with counter tops, but that won't come for awhile.
It is so nice to have cabinet storage and have it more open up above. It looks a thousand times better. But we still have a long way to go. (I was making soup in my crock-pot, otherwise that would be stored down below:)
I put together the sink cabinet but didn't move it in place because I need to unhook all the plumbing and move the utility sink. This will take some time so I haven't done it yet.
(Yes I have dirty dishes sitting in my sink) (And yes, my dishwasher return tube is rigged up with my window crank)

Now only if I could get my cook top working! There is electrical wires that need to be turned into an outlet behind the cabinet so it can get plugged in. Then I need to run a whole new gas line from the basement all the way up before I can begin to use it. :/

Anyone know someone who can do that for really, really cheap. I may get desperate enough and watch some Utube videos and try it myself!

It is nice to be almost halfway to a kitchen!

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