Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Here are some goals I am setting for myself from now through the upcoming month. It's more of just a glorified to-do list.

1. Start using my dslr camera more and actively seek client photo sessions.

2. Keep up with my running schedule and gain more confidence in my ability to run.

3. Allow myself to miss a blogging day if feeling overwhelmed or uninspired.

4. Get oven cabinet made and installed; less pretty, more functional. I've been day-dreaming about homemade bread.

5. Get more 'moved in' to our house. Still no dressers. :/

6. Make a monthly calendar to plan all my dinners out ahead of time so I can watch sales and help out our budget.

7. Get outside more with the boys to play games, take walks or do yard work.

8. Get the trailer sitting in our driveway that is full of our old kitchen cabinets to the dump.

9. Get to Mary Free Bed to give my dad-in-law a haircut.

10. Clean out our van so we can get it ready to sell.

11. Get my newest nephew's pictures done.

(Stole your picture Brian and Kristen :)

Can't post without a picture.

Whew! That's a lot to do! Spring feels like a great time to tackle those things that have been lurking there all winter.

Time to get motivated. What about you?

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