Monday, April 15, 2013


I really dislike Mondays.

Like, really a lot.

Poor grammar. Sorry.

My couch to 5k running program has me working out Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

But I do Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday just to avoid Mondays. I don't need another reason to dislike Mondays even more.

Running has been going pretty good. I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. It seems everyone is becoming more active in our household. Travel baseball has begun. My kids are still stuck on basketball though. They are constantly dribbling a plastic basketball in the house and shooting on an imaginary hoop. It gets a little annoying sometimes. Noah was even thinking he needed new basketball shoes because of it. Instead he went down to the basement and went shopping in our boxes of stuff. He got lucky and found an old pair that fit him. It's a good thing because he wasn't getting a new pair from me but he is just as happy as if he did. It's a good strategy to use when the boys want something. Maybe I will set up a checkout lane equipped with a cash register and everything. Sure will help our budget out!
Now he needs to go down to the basement and shop for new pants! Ha!

Happy (not so much) Monday!

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