Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shopping Goodies

We always go shopping when we are down in Daytona. It is one of our favorite things to do.

Daytona has a flea market that runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is one of our first stops when we get to town. This place is like Shipshewana, only better. It has booths going all different directions but with a roof overhead. It has lots of good deals on everything from luggage to cell phone accessories (like my iPhone case I got). The prices are good, but, like most places, you need to watch it because some things are over priced.

During the week we all look forward to going to the best store- ROSS! I would say it is close to a TJ Maxx if you’ve never been. Maybe it is just because we are on vacation, but it always seems like so much fun and we find some good stuff. Here are my purchases from last night-


My new sandals.


My new shirt. (and new iPhone case)


My new dress or swimsuit cover-up.


My other new dress.


And my friend Kim’s new hat. Not really. But it looks kind of cool, right?!

I got all those items for under $60. Not too shabby, is it?

And there was a Goodwill within .2 miles of Ross. My new best friend Siri told me that (she lives in my iPhone). But it was too late and they had closed. That was probably for the best anyway. Not that we won’t try to go again later in the week!

What do you think- good deals or no? Do you guys enjoy shopping more when on vacation? Or does it lead to bizarre purchases?


  1. Yes...great deals! LOVE your sandals and dresses! I've never been to a Ross, but I"ll have to keep my eyes open next time we're around one!
    And YES!!! I LOVE to shop on vacation. It could be the same exact outlets that we have 45 min. away, but it is soooo much more relaxing when you're on vacay to shop.

  2. The sandals are cute and very 'you. I think Kim could wear this hat to a horse race! :)
    And looking forward to hearing about your Goodwill shopping.