Thursday, April 26, 2012

I’m Forgetting Something

Oh right. I only have 3 children for the next couple of days. It feels so strange. For supper last night I was getting FOUR plates of food ready.

My oldest is at 5th Grade camp. They went to Camp Pendalouan in Montague and will be there until Friday. What’s crazy is I remember going to that camp when I was a kid. I don’t remember what grade I was in, but Ethan seems too young!


The ironic thing is how I’m feeling about all his independence. I mean, we homeschooled Ethan up until this year. He rarely went anywhere without us and didn’t want to. He spent the night once in awhile at a friend’s house and only started doing that recently.

This year has changed him so much. I don’t think it is just because we sent him to a public school. I think it’s his age and it’s what he wants and what he would have done regardless.

I wasn’t prepared for the ‘My friends are way cooler than you and you don’t really know what cool is’ kind of attitude. He doesn’t have a bad attitude about it, but I can see the subtle ways he thinks that.

Life happens too fast. I wish I could slow it down some.

Last night I was thinking of Ethan before going to bed. I was hoping he was having lots of fun and experiencing new things. But I was also hoping he was missing home, just a little bit.

Thanks for letting me empty that on you!


  1. I cannot believe how fast he is growing up either. He is really an awesome kid. I'm not just saying that because of my relationship with him, but I've observed him with other people too, especially adults. He's so respectful and just a joy to be around. You've done a great job raising him! (and the rest of your boys, but since this post is focused on Ethan, I thought I'd single him out. :)

  2. Such sweet words Kim. Thanks so much :)