Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DEE-licious Soup & News

On Friday I made Pioneer Woman’s Cauliflower Soup. I could not eat any because I was on my juicing fast I mentioned yesterday. No fun.


But I tasted the leftovers when I got back on Sunday and it was VERY good. I will definitely be making it again. Not too hard either- except for all the veggie chopping.

My realtor called yesterday afternoon. He hasn’t been able to sit down with the owner but they have discussed our offer. And…… he accepted! We are waiting on pricing for the things we want included with the purchase of the house. Flooring, appliances, and a few modifications. We also have to agree on the property line along the back of the house.


The exciting part is that we may own the house sooner. We may close on our new house as early as the end of May. The house is going to move out of the homestead tax bracket on June 1 and will be more expensive for the owner to keep. So he is willing to sell it to us earlier, but I’m not sure of much more beyond that. I think we would have to let the renters stay there until their house is built. But maybe their rent would come to us? I’m not sure and need to find out all the details from our realtor.

So we might own it sooner but our moving date would stay the same. Make sense?

He said he can meet with the owner on Wednesday. So maybe I will have more news later this week.

Thanks for looking!

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