Monday, April 30, 2012

Allegan Antique Market

That is what I did yesterday. Have you ever been? It is an awesome antique fair at the Allegan County fairgrounds. Yesterday’s was the first of the season. They are held on the last Sunday of each month from April until September from 8am to 4pm. It has over 200+ dealers. My sis-in-law’s parents just got into town from Australia and it was a great start to their vacation. Here are some things I enjoyed-









Lots of eye candy!

My eight year old was looking over my shoulder as I was writing this post. He asked, “Are those just a bunch of bottles and jars?”. To which I replied, “Yes, there is other things but mostly bars and jottles”. And then we had quite a good laugh. I seem to do that a LOT. Does anyone else suffer from this? Is it a sign of some deep underlying issue or problem that hasn’t surfaced yet? What’s wrong with me?!

One thing I was on the hunt for was a piece of furniture that could be turned into a kitchen island. I found one that looked promising when I was separated from the group I came with. It was a little primitive- but I was really liking it.



It was from an old Victorian home that had to be torn down. I thought with a little work it could be beautiful. But my husband (after I sent a picture text) and my posse (once we were reunited) did not agree. Which stinks because it was the end of the day and he was offering a great deal- $175 delivered to my house.

Then I saw this one-



- and sort of liked it. But not for $465.

So, looks like I will be waiting. I am not in any hurry, thankfully.

I will have to go again at the end of May and see if I can find my dream kitchen island.

Did you go to the antique market yesterday? Or do something else exciting?


  1. Angie,
    Check out She does a lot of refurbished pieces for re-purposing. There are photos of several pieces that have been turned into kitchen islands or bathroom vanities. Her prices are quite good considering the professional-grade finish.

  2. I had a look and she does have some nice pieces. Thanks for the tip!