Monday, April 23, 2012

10 Weekend Updates

1. My oldest had a baseball tournament this weekend in Battle Creek. They did good for their first tournament. One win/two losses.

2. I still haven’t thawed out from said tournament. Burrrrrrrrrr!

3. I never heard from my realtor. If I still haven’t by this afternoon, I’m calling him.

4. I believe my youngest has developed an ear infection from previously mentioned tournament. I see a doctor’s visit in our future.


5. It was COLD.

6. I am aiming to have a garage sale this Friday. We’ll see how that goes.

7. I started a juicing fast on Thursday night. Didn’t notice too much of a difference except for being very gassy. It’s a good thing I was at an OUTDOOR sporting event all weekend!

8. There are other great garage sales going on in some of the big neighborhoods this week. I’m not sure if that will help or hurt mine.

9. My juicing fast ended abruptly yesterday when we spotted a Don Pablo’s after the bone-chilling, frigid tournament was done. Oh well.

10. I really hate unpacking.

Hopefully I will have some kind of news tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. Good luck on your garage sale Angie! Make sure you have GREAT BIG signs! (a little tip from your cousin) :-)