Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Local Estate Sale

Friday was a busy day, but fun.

I get emails that notify me when there is an estate sale within 50 miles of the Holland area. This estate sale was in Grand Rapids on Friday. We were headed that way in the afternoon to go to Frederik Meijer Gardens, so we decided to hit it up on the way.

The lady of the estate was some kind of artist. She appeared to be very eccentric, to say the least. But there was some interesting things there too.

Here are some items that were of interest to me-







This bedroom set was beautiful. But all of their prices were a little steep. Especially for the second day of the sale.

All I came home with was a huge metal level that was $6 and this box of string and leather for $2.


Anne and I are dividing this up between the two of us. Who couldn’t use some string or twine?

I absolutely love going to estate sales. You never know what you are going to find! Plus, I get to see inside someone else’s home- something I am a little obsessed about. Homes say a lot about the people that live in them, don’t you think?

Tomorrow I will bore you with my butterfly pictures. Thanks for looking!

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