Friday, April 13, 2012

Creative Urge

I want to make SOMETHING.

But it is only because I have SO much other stuff to do. My mind works like that. When I have something waiting to get done, I find anything and everything besides that thing to do.

But I am resisting. And will splurge next week. When I probably won’t want to anymore.

I will show you a headband I made for my sweet niece, Adelaide, for Christmas. I made three different ones but only got a picture of one.


The only thing I had to buy for this project was the fabric backed feather which I found at Hobby Lobby. The white part was some scrap fabric I had laying around. I just cut it to length and sewed a seam and turned it right side out. The button I found in my collection of buttons. I almost went without, but I thought it added a nice touch. The only other thing you need is two plain black pony tail holders.


If you take two and loop them together, you can make a headband out of anything. (you take one and wrap it around one side of the other one, and then pull it thru itself….does that make sense?)

The other headband I made had no sewing at all. I ripped off three skinny pieces of fabric, braided them together and then hot glued the ends around the elastic holders. So easy!


And just because I like a little salty with my sweet and a little rough with my pretty- here is this picture for you too-



Everyone have a great weekend! I will be back on Monday, our closing day- Yay!

Thanks goes to Brian and Kristen and Carol for helping us out so much last night. We’d be WAY farther from being done moving without your help. Thanks!

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