Thursday, April 12, 2012

Current Bedroom

I decided it would be nice to give you a view of the bedroom we are currently living in. It is small and crammed, but we are grateful for a place to stay. My mom-in-law even let me put nails in the wall to hold my jewelry displays.

It was at night, so please excuse the poor lighting.


We have stuff jammed into every nook and cranny, especially under the bed. I will show you the boys’ room once I get it a little more organized.

I called our realtor today. We are meeting with him next Wednesday. I was going to ask him if we could look at the house again, but I forgot. The renters are still there. I thought it would be interesting to see how they used the space. And I just want to see it again!

There was an interesting pin on Pinterest that I stumbled across the other day. It was about a girl that did a 40 day juice cleanse. The results she got sounded amazing. Not just losing weight, but improved skin and other benefits. I’m tempted to start one. But maybe just a seven day one.

Anyone ever tried one? I’d love to hear about it, if so. What are your thoughts? Anyone want to join me?


  1. 40 days of juice probably not good. most of it will be water weight and it's prettty hard on your body but maybe a 3 or 4 day could jump start a healthy weightloss program.