Friday, April 20, 2012

No News

Does it mean good news in this case? I’m not sure. But we didn’t hear from our realtor yesterday. Bummer.

But that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming up the whole decorating scheme for the house. The kitchen is my main focus. I’d like to take out the peninsula and upper cabinets and get an island.


I’ve been looking for islands that I think would work.

Like this one-

$(KGrHqRHJFEE917!oy0LBPhN RoVTQ~~60_57

But not at over $3,000.

I was thinking about trying to build one out of some barn wood or reclaimed wood like this one-


I for sure want it to be wood topped though. I’d like to try concrete countertops everywhere else. But we’ll see. That is a ways away.

On a slightly similar note- I feel like giving myself a makeover. Maybe a change with my hair. Who knows what the weekend will bring!

Everyone have a great weekend!!!

Happy Birthday to my crazy sister Tracey on Saturday!



  1. Step away from the scissors, remember you made us promise that we wouldn't let you cut it again! :) Hopefully you are thinking of a colour... See you soon.

  2. Yes...not cutting for sure. But color...definitely! See ya!