Tuesday, April 3, 2012

10 Random Trip Updates

1. If you ever stop in Georgia, this is a must- peach pop


2. We celebrated my sis-in-law’s birthday last night with a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake and LOTS of laughter.

3. We have a pool-side DJ during the week. He does a lot of games. Yesterday he did a limbo contest and a splash contest. Some of my children participated.



(try to ignore my big, fat finger)

4. He also did a swimming race. I participated.

5. I am a lot more out of shape than I realize.

6. It is my turn to cook tonight. I am making chicken enchiladas.

7. Everyone got some part of their body burned yesterday.

8. My oldest spends half his time catching lizards. He has been able to catch a few and two of them just sat on his arm and stayed there.


9. I walk on the beach in the morning and listen to my audiobook. It is glorious.

10. I miss my dog.


  1. I'm glad you told me that was your fat finger (that I barely noticed), b/c I was going to ask if that was you with the tramp-stamp, holding the bar. :) J/K
    And I LOVE that E catches lizards. That solidifies it...we are skipping school next year and taking our spring break with you guys. my boys would have a BLAST with yours