Friday, March 28, 2014

Target & Thrift Finds

Yesterday my husband planned a fun event for his travel baseball team. We went to Celebration Cinema's Flick's Family Film Festival to see Free Birds. All kids are free and adults are $4.00. (Today they are starting Walking With Dinosaurs!)
Anyways, being at the mall got me in the shopping mood. (It doesn't take much, really)
I've had a Target gift card(s) burning a hole in my beautiful new purse. So when we got home, I headed off to Target- BY MYSELF!!

(put on your sunglasses. pale legs alert)
I didn't get the above pictured shirt because I loved it more in green.

I found the deal of the day. I was fortunate enough to find these pairs of shorts hanging on the clearance rack. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the price tag!

Yes, that's right. I got them for $5.06 each. What a steal! There was even a third pair but I left them for someone else to find. Two pairs of shorts are enough.

I also got this dress. I believe it is black and white but in the store I swore it was navy and white. Either way, I love it! (sorry, dirty mirror!)
Merona- $25
I was trying different shoes with it to see what works best.

These are some thrift store finds that I got a while ago. It is finally getting warm enough to think about wearing them. Those capris are sooo comfortable.

The shirt was a surprising find. It isn't easy to find white shirts without stains at thrift stores.

I even found a white Gap t-shirt with no stains!

These items I found at Paradise Bound. All of them were $5 because they were on the designer rack.

Nike pants for one of the middle boys.

Swimming trunks for the youngest.
And swimming trunks for the oldest.

I even found a suit for myself. Not at a thrift store, but at Kohl's using my 30% off coupon.
I love it!

I need to save some money for shopping while on vacation. I have found some great things while thrifting or shopping at Ross!

Have a great weekend!

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