Thursday, March 6, 2014

Purse Completion

I finished it!

Finally, something completed. That feels good. Now to tackle the rest on my list.

This purse was made from a Nautica leather coat I got from a second hand store. The coats were half off at the time. So, what was $10 I got for $5.

The leather is buttery soft and a dark brown. I thought that would be perfect for a purse.

I had already dissected an arm when I took this picture.

I found some free clip art online and transferred it to my knit fabric with gel medium. I wanted something more than just a brown leather purse. I did feathers on the front and an arrow on the side.

This is while I was working on my pattern.

The pocket is the original hand pocket on the coat. I thought it would be neat to reuse it.

This isn't a tutorial (because I'm terrible at those anyway) and I didn't take pictures while putting it altogether, mostly because I just wing it and improvise along the way.

I used the leather on the inside too. I used it to make a divide down the middle of the interior and for a small pocket.

Here is the finished project.

(paint spattered mirror, sorry)

 The arrow is understated, which I like.

(yes, I'm already using it :)

I attached D rings so that I could put a short chain handle on as well. I like this for when I don't want to wear the cross body strap.

The long braided strap, by the way, was a wonderful thrift find. A belt I found that I knew would match the brown of my leather coat. I was so excited!

The pocket on the back is perfect for my phone.

I love it!

But am I too old to wear feathers and arrows....? Maybe, but I don't care.

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