Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Antique Brass Bling

We have lived in our new house for just over a year.

These drawers have had no hardware for a year.

I've had the hardware for these drawers for a year.

I have no idea why it has taken until now to get it done.

And here is where I left off with the cabinet.

I put the new board in place and marked where I needed to cut out the trim so the new wider board would fit. I caulked and painted it in place.

I also used my Kreg jig to make pocket holes to attach the top of the board in place. I forgot to get a photo before I installed it. So here are my attempts at getting a good photo from the inside of the cabinet.

It wasn't easy.

I then installed the lovely antique brass knobs.

I tackled a few different things today.
This was one huge laundry pile.

But isn't that the most beautiful chair? This is the one I just brought up from the basement.
The colors are all wrong for my house but I have always been in love.

Look at the detail on the arms and legs.

The fabric is not in great shape though.

That chair and the purple rolling ottoman are on my project list. I'll get to them some day.

What did you tackle today?

p.s. I did most of these things while watching Call the Midwife on Netflix. I am officially hooked!

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