Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Preppy Prep

I am not sure where today went. Or even what I did all day.

But here I am with the day almost gone and not much done.

I thought about it. I did a little prep work to get ready for it.

But there was no follow through.

Here are some dark, uninteresting pictures to prove it.

These are the inner glass panels. When you remove those you can remove the entire wood divider piece. I've already given those one coat of spray paint. But I am about to run out. More paint needs to be purchased in order to finish this project.

 I've removed the handles. Much easier than trying to paint around them.

And my supplies are set up and ready to go.

The window looks so much bigger with everything removed!
I'm ready to get started right away in the morning. I'm trying to leave no room for excuses!

Now if you'll excuse me, one of my favorite shows is on.
I am a treasure hunter at heart! I love it...even if these two guys are beyond cheesy!

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